Avita is excited to announce our expansion into the Atlanta area!


In 2003, specialty pharmacies were still a developing concept, but we knew that our communities needed expert clinical care and services with compassionate guidance and support. New Orleans needed a pharmacy that aimed to provide the best possible pharmacy experience for all patients. A pharmacy that treats our patients like family with particular care for the LGBTQ community. 

You’re more than just a prescription, and we are more than just a pharmacy.




Avita Pharmacy is a proud member of the Long’s family of pharmacy solutions.


Dekalb Health Pharmacy
1428 Scott Blvd • Decatur, GA
Phone: 404-270-9242




Financial Assistance Programs

Medications can be expensive even with insurance. We make sure that you take advantage of any available financial assistance to help with out-of-pocket costs, including foundations and copay cards.

Free Delivery

We provide free delivery to our patient’s address of choice in discreet, temperature-sensitive packaging.


24/7 Pharmacist Support

You can always reach one of our after-hours pharmacists with any questions and concerns. 

Refill Reminders

Our team monitors refills and coordinates with prescribers to make sure you always have the medication you need.

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Long’s Drugs & Avita Pharmacy

Over the last year, Long’s Drugs and Avita Pharmacy have come together to better serve our patients, their healthcare teams, and our partner organizations.

As part of our merger, we are excited to announce the introduction of our new parent brand, Longs Pharmacy Solutions. Together, with our combined passion, expertise, and capabilities, we are equipped to serve with more excellence than ever.

With each other and with our patients, prescribers and partners we are all committed to the same goal:

Getting Better, Together.