Helping you help your patients.

At Avita, we aim to enhance the effectiveness of costly drug therapies for patients while simplifying the prescription process for caseworkers and prescribers. To better assist the professionals who manage their care, Avita developed a unique set of programs that simplify and streamline the administrative responsibilities associated with these patients and their illnesses. Avita can send a pharmacy representative to visit your office and help customize a prescription management program that meets your needs.

Our other professional services include:

  • Initiating and facilitating prior authorizations and refills
  • Communicating with insurance carriers to determine patient-specific benefits
  • Customized patient reports regarding adherence and dispensing history
  • Centralized billing and custom invoicing
  • Fax or direct notification of new drug therapies and availability

How do your patients benefit?

Aside from personal consultations and counseling, patients benefit from our ability to help expedite the prior authorization process, coordinate refills as needed, explain drug interactions and side effects, and assist with referrals regarding co-pay assistance and additional financial resources. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of our compassionate pharmacy care is our proven ability to help patients adhere to a particular drug regimen. 94% of patients surveyed say they are as likely, or more likely, to take their medications as prescribed since using Avita.  Consumer Alert: DEA Warning – Buying Drugs Online