2017 Holiday Caravan/PFLAG Incident

Avita Pharmacy’s Official Statement:

On November 22, Holiday Caravan decided that we were no longer welcome in the 2017 Holiday Caravan Parade in Spencer and Salisbury, NC because of our company’s rainbow items and decorations that showcase our deeply held values of diversity and inclusion. Though we are disappointed to have been denied this opportunity for celebration with our Salisbury family, we will never waiver from our commitment to ensuring that everyone is welcome in the vibrant communities we serve. We hope the community at large will take this as a reminder that discrimination of any kind must be stood against without reservation. We vow to remain firm in our support of the LGBTQ+ community, and as such will not be participating in this event (including financial participation) until the organizers can guarantee a safe and respectful environment for all who wish to attend.

Our vision is to see the world get better, together. That means we will always stand for diversity, equity, and love. Avita encourages the parade organizers to work with LGBTQ+ Leaders like Equality NC to examine how they can create a better program in following years. We hope that after doing this work we will find ourselves in a place where we can participate again.

Two Additional Points:

1. It has been implied that Avita Pharmacy intentionally circumvented the rules in an effort to include PFLAG on our float. This is inaccurate. Avita was given explicit permission in writing by Holiday Caravan to include PFLAG, assuming that only approved branded items were displayed.

2. When the rainbow items were called into question by Holiday Caravan officials, both Avita and PFLAG made an effort to comply with Holiday Caravan.

Though we don’t intend to have any additional comments on the situation moving forward, we will reiterate here our support of PFLAG­ and the cause for which they stand.


Avita Pharmacy always has and will continue to support and advocate for the health and well-being of everyone in our communities.


Thank you,
Avita Pharmacy