Summer Sun Fun & Safety for Your Pets

Now that the summer temperatures are starting to rise, it is even more important to protect your pet’s health.

 Here are some ways you can make sure your pet is safe this summer:

  • Keep them hydrated with plenty of fresh water.
  • Provide adequate shade during daytime hours.
  • Treat your yard with a pet safe pesticide to keep those fleas, ticks, and bugs away.
  • Never leave your pet in direct sunlight; this can cause them to overheat, sunburn, or suffer a heat stroke
  • Never leave your pet in a vehicle, even if the window is down. It is illegal in many states.
  • Do not shave your pet for the summer season, it can affect your pets’ natural ability to regulate body temperature.  Removal of dead undercoat hair and proper grooming is the preferred method.
  • Did you know your pet’s skin is at risk for sunburn?  Make sure to use a sunscreen that is pet safe for those outdoor events – pay attention to their nose and ears.
  • Don’t walk your pet on blacktop asphalt or the street.  Did you know this surface can get hot enough to fry an egg?  Walk you pet on the grass or sidewalk.
  • Not all pets are great swimmers.  Never leave your pet around a pool, lake, river, or waterway without proper supervision.  A flotation device works for them just like it does for children learning how to swim.
  • Visit your veterinarian regularly for routine check ups.

For more tips on Pet Safety and Warning Signs this summer, visit the ASPCA for more information.