On Friday, December 2nd, AIDS Arms Inc., hosted a celebration in honor of its 30th anniversary. AIDS Arms is the largest HIV/AIDS nonprofit service organization in North Texas, and their many program offerings work to improve the lives and health of individuals living with HIV and to prevent the spread of HIV.

In an effort to express our appreciation for AIDS Arms and its advocacy, Avita was proud to sponsor the celebration in addition to designing timeline posters highlighting AIDS Arms’s past 30 years. We look forward to continuing to work alongside organizations like AIDS Arms as we fight to combatting HIV/AIDS within our communities.

“It is because of organizations like AIDS Arms that the fear of AIDS has become an understanding of HIV/AIDS. The AIDS Arms 30th Anniversary Celebration not only paid tribute to its rich history of service, but it also instilled a sense of purpose and inspiration for the next 30 years of work,” said Will Monson of Avita Pharmacy.

Congratulations to AIDS Arms for a successful and meaningful 30 years. Thank you for your continued support of our communities. 


View the AIDS Arms Timeline below: