National Have Fun at Work Day!

We all spend a good portion of our time at work, so why not enjoy it?



Studies have overwhelmingly shown that happy employees are more productive and provide better customer service. In observance of National Have Fun At Work Day, we’ve reached out to our teams and asked them how they keep their days interesting and fun!

Let’s hear what they had to say..

“Nothing helps sooth the craziness of a long day better than locking the doors after closing up, turning up the old-school music, and having a 5 minute dance-a-thon!” – Royce, Dallas PIC

We are our usual, happy selves and listen to music or treat ourselves to some cookies from Tiff’s Treats.” – Shane, Houston PIC

“Since I am in my car driving a lot between meetings, I listen to show tunes which makes my time in the car that much more fun.” – Veleria, South Carolina Account Executive

“We talk to each other in movie monologues. It’s a joking way to de-stress the work day or a given situation. It can be very cathartic!” – Karen, New Orleans – Marine Building, PIC