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When you fill your prescription with Avita Pharmacy, your clinic can generate funds that can help them provide services to more people who can't afford it!

Did You Know?

  • When insured patients fill their prescriptions with Avita Pharmacy, our partner organizations (your healthcare clinic) can generate funding that helps them provide services to more people who can’t afford it! Like the concept of ‘paying it forward’ you can ‘Script it Forward’ and help others!
  • Where you fill does make a difference! You receive the same medication wherever you go, but with Avita, it’s from a pharmacy team that is committed to helping the community.
  • Like our partner organizations, Avita Pharmacy also gives back and supports the community through educational campaigns, sponsorships, and events!
  • 340B funding comes from discounted drug purchasing, and not from the clinic nor taxpayers!

Transfer your prescription today and "Script it Forward!"