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Our Accreditations

Accreditation provides proof that a pharmacy meets or exceeds quality standards. At Avita, we strive to provide the highest quality care. Our accreditations include:


The Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) ensures compliance with a comprehensive set of national standards, translating into assurance of receiving the highest quality care. For information, contact ACHC directly at 855-937-2242.

ACHC Accredited Avita Pharmacy Locations: Avita Pharmacy 1040, Avita Pharmacy 1051, Avita Pharmacy 1059, Avita Pharmacy 1063

URAC – Specialty Pharmacy

Payers and manufacturers recognize the URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation as a key differentiator and independent validation of quality – often including this accreditation as a requirement to participate in their network.

URAC Accredited Avita Pharmacy Locations: Avita Pharmacy 1040, Avita Pharmacy 1051, Avita Pharmacy 1058, Avita Pharmacy 1059