Frequently Asked Questions

Why should Avita be my pharmacy?

At Avita, we respect you as an individual and treat you like family. We believe you should have the care you need, delivered with the compassion you deserve. We understand how to address the needs of communities with a unique set of challenges, and are advocates for those communities, which are so often disproportionately affected by complex health conditions. We provide a wealth of services and individually focused care to help you unlock the full potential of health.

How do I become an Avita patient?

It’s easy to transfer a prescription from another pharmacy to an Avita pharmacy. If you’d prefer, call us toll-free at 888.AvitaRX (888.284.8279) and we can do it for you and answer any other questions you may have. 

How do I refill my medications?

You can refill your prescription by calling your local Avita Pharmacy or reaching out to our Care Team at 888.AvitaRX (888.284.8279).

What are my options for receiving my medications?

You have two options. You may pick your medications up from any one of our pharmacies. Or we can deliver your medication to the address of your choice in discreet, temperature-sensitive packaging.

What happens if I have a reaction to a medication?

Please call 911 if you have a serious drug reaction and need emergency medical assistance. If your reaction is not an emergency, please call your local Avita Pharmacy and speak to one of our specially trained pharmacists. During business hours, you can also reach out to our Care Team here at at 888.AvitaRX (888.284.8279).

What is your holiday schedule?

Visit our Facebook page where we will announce any special closures. If you have a question about your prescription, call your local Avita Pharmacy or you can reach our Care Team at 888.AvitaRX (888.284.8279)

Can I get my medications if I am traveling?

Avita can deliver your medications to your destination if you notify us 3 business days in advance. To arrange a delivery, call our Care Team at 888.AvitaRX (888.284.8279)

How do I dispose of unused, unwanted, or expired medication?

Medicines play an important role in treating many conditions and diseases, but when they are no longer needed it’s important to dispose of them properly to avoid harm to others. The FDA has provided disposal options and some special disposal instructions for you to consider when throwing out expired, unwanted, or unused medicines. Visit the FDA site to learn more. 

What if there is a natural disaster and I cannot get to the pharmacy for my medications?

Avita will be happy to deliver your medication wherever you are. Please contact us at 888.284.8279 to let us know where to send your medication, which will be delivered in discreet, temperature-sensitive packaging.