Onsite Pharmacy

We offer a custom onsite pharmacy solution and can perform a customized analysis to determine if an onsite pharmacy is the right fit for you. The best patient care is often the most convenient patient care. We fully support our patients by providing patient-centered care and a wealth of extensive services that help improve health outcomes, including medication delivery, online refills, and financial assistance.

With an Avita pharmacy onsite, our partners are able to fill more patient prescriptions, improve outcomes, and minimize leakage to non-340B pharmacies. Avita handles the staffing, stocking, and various details of the pharmacy business. We collaborate with you to develop custom onsite solutions. Here are some of the benefits of onsite pharmacy:

  • Better patient experience and convenience
  • Improved patient adherence and outcomes
  • Increased capture rate – fewer patients lost to non-340B pharmacies
  • Tailored pharmacy services
  • Easy communication and transparency
  • Optimized overall 340B dollars
  • Opportunity for onsite patient counseling
  • Comprehensive audit support