Avita Pharmacy opened with a mission to serve patients and providers with nothing less than excellence.

At the time, specialty pharmacies were still a developing concept, but we knew that our communities needed expert clinical care and services with compassionate guidance and support. New Orleans needed a pharmacy that aimed to provide the best possible pharmacy experience for all patients. A pharmacy that treats our patients like family.

Over the last ten years, Avita Pharmacy has expanded to several locations in 3 states. In that time, we have forged valuable partnerships with healthcare providers and service organizations to provide excellent, holistic care to patients with chronic health conditions.

You’re more than just a prescription, and we are more than just a pharmacy.

Our experienced and specially trained pharmacy teams are dedicated to bridging the gap between patients, providers, service organizations, and specialty pharmacy care. We’ve developed programs and services that help us provide the best possible pharmacy experience for our patients and their entire healthcare team.

We are committed to excellent pharmacy service, and that same value has lead us to give back to our communities. Each year, we sponsor and support over 130 initiatives across the country. At Avita, we believe in helping our communities grow and improve each and every day. Our patients are more than just a prescription, and that’s why we’re more than just a pharmacy.

 Our mission is to help everyone live healthier, better lives through customer-focused pharmacy services, tailored solutions, and a commitment to community support and advocacy.