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Your Onsite Pharmacy Partner.

An Avita onsite pharmacy is a win for everyone… your patients, your organization, your team, and your community!

Program Benefits

Maximized 340B Savings Potential

Easy prescription transfers and convenient onsite pharmacy access with same-day services attract and retain your patients. Decreased leakage to non-340B pharmacies translates to increased 340B dollars for your organization.

Better Clinical Outcomes

With access to rapid start prescriptions combined with positive customer experience and consistent follow-up, your patients’ treatments can start immediately and are easy to maintain, increasing patient adherence.

Integrated Care Model

Our onsite pharmacists are an extension of your care team, serving as a partner to your providers, providing faster communication to and collaboration with your care team and patients with “down the hall” access, cultural matching, and onsite counseling.

Easy to Get Started

Our turnkey pharmacy partnership includes the facilities, operations, finance, and marketing teams to support the launch and ongoing growth of your onsite pharmacy – customized to your space, culture, community, budget, and branding.

Patient Benefits

Rapid Start Prescriptions

Patients can conveniently pick up their prescription before they walk out your door, ensuring they start their preventative or treatment medications immediately and with ease, lowering their risk of non-adherence.

Expert Care

Our AAHIVP-certified pharmacists with expertise in HIV, PrEP, HCV, and LGBTQ+ care provide specialized, high-quality care, services, and onsite medication and financial counseling.

Adherence Support

Avita’s proactive patient outreach, convenient Rx pickup or delivery options, and OneClick text refill and reminder program help patients stay on treatment for better health outcomes.

Compassionate Clinical Services

Our culturally competent teams understand how to address the needs of and provide a safe, welcoming environment to underserved communities more likely to be affected by complex health conditions and social stigmas.

Seamless Care Journey

Your patients can access and receive everything they need in one combined location from a connected care team, enjoying a positive, efficient, and impactful patient experience.

Our Team

Nick Kersey

Strategic Account Executive

Jason Silverman

SVP, Account Management

Keith Fox

SVP, National Account Executive

Brett Davis

340B Regional Manager

Cheryl Hetland

Vice President 340B Program Management

Brian Kendrick

Pharmacist in Charge

Darryl Smith

District Manager

Greg Price

AVP, Pharmacy Operations

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