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National Transgender HIV Testing Day

April 18

National Transgender HIV Testing Day reminds us the importance of HIV testing, prevention, and treatment has withing the trans community. On this day, we recognize that trans women of color have a disproportionately high prevalence HIV and less access to culturally competent care. HIV testing is a powerful preventative tool that allows trans people to improve their sexual health and their lives. 

Download and share this social media post to start conversations around HIV testing and status awareness, prevention, and treatment for transgender and nonbinary people.

Caption 1: The impacts of HIV on transgender and non-binary people are undeniable. Yet, these communities are often underrepresented in educational and outreach initiatives around HIV. 

HIV doesn’t discriminate. It’s important for people from all backgrounds, gender identities, and sexual orientations to #GetTested early and often.

Hashtags:  #NTHTD #StopHIVTogether #BreakTheStigma #KnowYourStatus #UnitedAgainstHIV

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