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National Youth HIV/Aids Awareness Day

April 10

National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day is observed on April 10. It raises awareness of the impact of HIV and AIDS and the ongoing efforts to reduce HIV and AIDS among young people. Started in 2013, National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day is directed by the Advocates for Youth. Advocates for Youth is an organization that partners with young people and their adult allies to champion youth’s right to body autonomy and helps them transform policies, programs and systems to secure sexual health and equity for every young person. 

Caption: Today is #YouthHIVandAIDSawarenessDay and it’s time to raise our voices and spread awareness. Let’s come together and make a positive impact by educating ourselves and others. The next generation is our future, and we must help them break the stigma around HIV! Together, let’s make a difference! 🙌🏼💪🏼 #SpreadAwareness #YouthEmpowerment #TogetherWeCan #EndTheStigma #HIVandAIDS”

Hashtags: #NYHAAD #StopHIVTogether #BreakTheStigma #KnowYourStatus #UnitedAgainstHIV 

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