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RW/STD Grantees:

Are you taking advantage of all the grants available to you?

When you partner with Avita, our team will see what opportunities you might be missing out on and handle all the behind the scenes work for you. With us, you get more than a pharmacy—you get a strategic partner. We’re the experts so that you don’t have to be.

Pharmacist handing over a prescription to a patient

Pharmacy Expertise

Our expertise reaches beyond the pharmacy counter. We have dedicated teams for your finances, reporting, analytics, patient counseling, marketing and communications, and more. We offer:

  • AAHIVP certified pharmacists with expertise in HIV, PrEP, HCV, and LGBTQ+ care
  • Free, discreet delivery
  • 24/7 pharmacist support
  • Dedicated account management
  • Prior Authorization team to complete mandatory documents
  • Financial assistance and benefits coordination
  • Proactive patient outreach focused on adherence and retention
  • Marketing, education, and event support to reach more patients

TPA Services

When you’re stretching scarce 340B dollars, the last thing you need to do spend more on third party services. Avita can handle that for you. We offer:

  • Cost savings by eliminating the need for outside administrators
  • Custom data reporting to fit your business and patient community
  • Dedicated finance team and/or 340B finance team member to help you optimize your 340B savings
  • HRSA Audit support
  • Policies and procedures support

Pharmacist Smiling with his arms crossed
Pharmacist handing over a prescription to a patient

Onsite Pharmacy

With Avita onsite, you can get the benefit of our expertise with the convenience of having Avita right at your front door. Some benefits of Avita onsite include:
  • Increased capture rate and fewer patients lost to non-340B pharmacies
  • Optimized overall 340B dollars
  • Audit support
  • Better patient experience and convenience
  • Opportunity for onsite patient counseling
  • Improved patient adherence and outcomes
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