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Avita Insurance Management Solution

Increase the 340B access dollars by enrolling patients in insurance

Open enrollment starts November 1st. Act now to enroll your patients on an Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance plan.

Learn more in this quick video!

Mary Jane Hardman, Manager of Insurance Optimization, explains the benefit of Avita’s Insurance Management Solution, what you can expect from a customized consultation, and outlines next steps.

What is the benefit of helping your patients secure insurance?

  • Qualify your insured patients’ prescription through the 340B program. This revenue can provide substantial resources for your business to expand services and reach more patients in your community.
  • Health insurance means better access to care for your patients throughout their entire care journey.
Don’t Forget the Human Face of the 340B Program

Here’s where Avita can help

Avita’s Insurance Management Solution is a service we offer to our CE partners. We’ll analyze a variety of plans and options that work for you and your patients. While you are always free to explore your own options for insurance, the benefit of Avita’s Insurance Management Solution include:

  • Personalized consultation and ROI analysis with our insurance experts
  • Adherence reporting to ensure your patients remain in care
  • Preferential pricing for PrEP patients
Avita partners with Pride Life, a national insurance group serving the LGBTQ+ community. It takes less than 60 seconds each to enroll patients with Pride Life*.

Here are some next steps

  1. Watch the video above summarizing the benefit of the Avita Insurance Management Solution and what a personalized consultation looks like.
  2. Fill out the form below. We’ll set up some time for you to speak with Mary Jane, Avita’s Insurance Optimization Manager for a personalized consultation.
  3. We will connect you with Pride Life and you can start enrolling your patients.

This part is important—educate your patients that once they are signed up, they will need to call Pride Life so that they can begin working with them on insurance enrollment.

If you’re interested in a personalized consultation, fill out this form. You can also email Mary Jane directly at [email protected].
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*Avita Pharmacy has no direct financial benefit from Pride Life