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At Avita Pharmacy, Pride isn’t just a one-month celebration. We spotlight and support the LGBTQ+ community year-round… every hour of the day, every day of the week, all month, all year, all the time! At Avita, it’s Pride ’24/7

Celebrate The LGBTQ+ Community ’24/7

Since the first Pride march in New York City in 1970 following the Stonewall Uprising, Pride celebrations build awareness, advocacy, and equity for the LGBTQ+ community. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating Pride not just in June but all year long!

Raise Awareness and Build Empathy

Pride month raises awareness of specific issues faced by LGBTQ+ people, including health disparities, discrimination, and economic challenges. By educating the broader community, we can increase understanding and encourage proactive advocacy efforts in the fight for healthcare rights and equality.

Increase Inclusivity and Diversity

Our visibility, advocacy efforts, and events held during Pride Month (and beyond) encourage organizations, corporations, and the government to consider and implement more inclusive policies. Inclusive policy changes improve workplace equality, expand healthcare access, and strengthen anti-discrimination laws that support more diverse environments.

Form Strong Community Bonds

Pride Month brings together a network of LGBTQ+ people and allies that provide the emotional and practical support needed to navigate the challenges of homelessness, education and discrimination. Through the many Pride-related events we’ll support in 2024, we’re determined to bring communities closer together in understanding and supporting LGTBQ+ concerns.

Promote Mental Health Support

Pride events create supportive spaces where LGBTQ+ people can express themselves freely and celebrate their identities. Safe spaces that allow people to live authentically help to lower the risk of mental health issues like depression and anxiety. The Avita team is committed to building supportive communities that reduce feelings of isolation and stigma among our patients.

Spotlight LGBTQ+ Contributions

During Pride Month (and all year), Avita celebrates the contributions LGBTQ+ individuals have made to society, challenging sterotypes and societal attitudes. This recognition is essential for achieving greater social acceptance and reducing discrimination.