Avita Announces Acquisition of Q Care Plus, Becomes Avita Care Solutions

National health care services organization unifies with telehealth leader, demonstrating unwavering commitment to knocking down health equity barriers.

PLANO, TEXAS  (January 9, 2023) – PMQ Investors, LLC, the parent company of Avita, a national health care services organization committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and inclusive health care solutions to underserved communities, has acquired Sarasota, Fla.-based Q Care Plus, Inc., a community-focused care management solution that offers stigma-free access to care via a telehealth option, with a focus on telePrEP services. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Acquiring Q Care Plus enables Avita to expand its dedication to a community care management strategy that removes barriers for patients and covered entities across the care continuum. By providing integrated access to pharmacy services, 340B program administration, clinical care delivery, and now digital health options, Avita increases patients’ and covered entity partners’ ability to obtain culturally competent LGBTQ+, HIV, PrEP, and sexual wellness care.

“Bringing Avita and Q Care Plus together comes at a time when reducing health inequities among underserved populations is more critical than ever,” says Avita Chief Executive Officer Michael Yount. “A multiyear pandemic, partisanship-based politics that limit health care rights, and long-standing stigma, fear, and discrimination against marginalized populations like the LGBTQ+ community have exacerbated existing obstacles to health care—and created a host of new ones,” Yount says.

Michael Yount quote Avita acquisition of Q Care Plus

“Integrating Q Care Plus’ expertise and technology with Avita’s trusted suite of seamless solutions allows our covered entity partners to consistently access a comprehensive selection of health care services and empowers patients to obtain specialized care when and where they want it,” Yount continues. “Uniting the two organizations is just one more example of Avita’s commitment to delivering high-quality, affordable, and easily accessible patient care in a safe and trusted environment.”

Lee Horner, former chief executive officer of Q Care Plus and now chief growth officer at Avita, agrees that bringing the two organizations together is a win-win for both covered entities and patients. “Digital health, including telehealth, plays a vital role in the future of health care,” he says.

“Together, Avita and Q Care Plus can leverage a more robust portfolio of health care solutions and alleviate the roadblocks that keep people from unlocking the full potential of health,” says Quinton Rasberry, founder of Q Care Plus.

As a result of its transformative growth, Avita will officially become Avita Care Solutions. This umbrella brand will include Avita Pharmacy, the company’s pharmacy services branch, and AvitaCare Atlanta, the organization’s new Atlanta medical and primary care center and pharmacy formerly owned by AbsoluteCare. There are no plans to change the brand name for Q Care Plus’ exclusive digital health platforms. However, in 2023, Avita will begin to offer Q Care Plus under the Avita family of brands.


Avita Care Solutions is committed to promoting health equities by providing comprehensive, compassionate, and inclusive health care and pharmacy services to underserved communities. Avita’s community care management strategy enables patients and covered entities to remove barriers across the care continuum by providing pharmacy services, program administration, digital health, and delivery of clinical care for more than 145,000 patients and 320+ covered entities at 65+ locations. To learn more, visit AvitaCareSolutions.com.



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