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Avita’s Message This Pride Season? BeYOUtiful

Avita celebrates the health and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community 365 days a year. Learn more about our 2022 Pride theme, beYOUtiful.

It’s Pride month, and just like the last two decades running, Avita is on the scene.

Across the nation, Pride festivities are held annually to celebrate the culture, activism, and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community. And while Pride is technically observed in June to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, Pride events, parades, concerts, and more occur throughout the year.

“At Avita, we’re dedicated not only to serving the unique health care needs of our LGBTQ+ patients, but also to advocating for the rights, inclusion, and equality of individuals who have been historically underserved and stigmatized,” says Glen Pietrandoni, Avita Pharmacy’s SVP of Patient and Community Advocacy. “We celebrate Pride 365 days a year.”

From Washington, D.C., to Portland, Oregon, you’ll find Avita team members onsite at more than 12 Pride celebrations this summer and fall. Wondering how to find us among all the hoopla? Check out our event listings below and get ready to beYOUtiful. 

When I think of community support, I think of it as being a physical, vocal, and now visual presence in the community for the patients that we serve.

The origins of Avita's 2022 Pride theme

Selecting Avita’s yearly Pride theme is a joyful and time-honored tradition every year, and 2022 was no different. The backstory behind this year’s initiative, however, is rather unusual: It all started with a simple request from Avita’s facilities department. It seemed that our Brooklyn, New York pharmacy—one of 65-plus Avita locations—had a pull-down gate that was constantly getting “tagged.” What, our facilities manager asked, would the Marketing team think about getting a mural painted there to promote a positive message to the community?

It was on. As the team started discussing the mural, they talked about Avita’s vision of unlocking the full potential of health for our patients, meaning we want to help them have better and easier access to their much-needed medications.

But as the nation’s leading pharmacy services organization focused on the LGBTQ+ community, Avita’s holistic view of health goes much deeper. We believe believe complete integrated wellness is imperative, and that physical, mental, economic, and social wellness go hand in hand.

Ideas filled up the whiteboard, and two words stood out: individual and beauty. Then someone said it: “beYOUtiful.” And boom, an idea for a mural—and Avita’s Pride theme—was born.

Be authentic. Be yourself. beYOUtiful.

Avita tapped award-winning artist Jason Naylor to create the beYOUtiful mural based on his affinity for bold colors and positive messaging. Jason also has an emotional tie to the LGBTQ+ community. “My personal connection is my sister, who is unfortunately no longer with us,” Jason says. “She was gay and was a voice for those in the community who needed one. Since her passing, I’ve taken it upon myself to continue her mission. I feel honored that I get to touch people’s lives and remind them that they are special, they are worthy, and they are loved.”

The resulting beYOUtiful campaign is founded on a message of encouragement, power, resilience, and hope. Avita’s pharmacy team, which specializes in offering treatments including HIV, PrEP, STI, and HCV care, knows firsthand that people with more complex health needs can often encounter all kinds of obstacles during their patient journey. “So many of our patients have trouble dealing with their status, and they just want to give up,” says Avita Care Coordinator Charlize Croner. “But we don’t let that happen. We continue to fight.”

I get to touch people's lives and remind them that they are special, they are worthy, and they are loved.

With a focus on treating patients with compassion, dignity, and respect, Avita bridges the care gap by helping people feel both physically and emotionally supported. Team members go the extra mile to make sure everyone knows that they are valued and heard in a variety of ways. “When I think of community support, I think of it as being a physical, vocal, and now visual presence in the community for the patients we serve,” says Avita District Manager Hilary Szczypiorski. “It’s about providing everyone—regardless of their circumstances—with equal access to healthcare and the services they need. That’s Avita’s presence in the community.”

Avita Pride event calendar

Want to learn more about Avita’s take on compassionate care, see our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community in action, and grab some fierce swag? Come say hello to Avita team members at the following Pride events:

Please note: the Pride events listed below include an Avita booth. Avita sponsors or participates in 40+ events annually through its covered entity and community partners.


May 27, 2022
DC Black Pride
Washington D.C.


June 5, 2022
Pittsburgh Pride Revolution
Pittsburg, PA


June 18, 2022
Stonewall Pride Parade and Street Festival
Wilton Manors, FL


June 18, 2022
Portland Pride Waterfront Festival
Portland, OR


June 25, 2022
Black Pride Unity March & Festival
Greenville, SC


June 25, 2022
Houston Pride LGBT+ Celebration
Houston, TX


June 25, 2022
Nashville Pride Festival
Nashville, TN


June 25, 2022
Rio Grande Valley Pride
South Padre Island, TX


July 15, 2022
Hotter Than July
Detroit, MI


August 20, 2022
Austin Pride Celebration
Austin, TX


August 20, 2022
Charlotte Pride Festival & Parade
Charlotte, NC


October 7, 2022
2022 Pride Kick-off
Atlanta, GA


February 2023
Pride of the Americas
Fort Lauderdale, FL


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