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Music City PrEP Names Avita Partner of the Year

Tennessee’s largest PrEP provider credits its clinic’s phenomenal growth to Avita Pharmacy’s extensive support and the opening of an onsite location.
Tennessee’s largest PrEP provider credits its phenomenal growth to Avita’s extensive support and the opening of an onsite pharmacy.

In December of 2021, Avita was chosen by Music City PrEP Clinic as the covered entity’s “Partner of the Year.” Why? Music City PrEP credits Avita’s extensive support—including the opening of an onsite pharmacy—as integral to its clinic’s phenomenal growth. 

Music City PrEP launched in 2017 with a mission of bringing the number of new HIV transmissions in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to zero. The organization quickly grew from a small start-up with a handful of patients to the state’s largest provider of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)—a daily pill that helps reduce the risk of HIV infection by up to 99% in people who are HIV negative.

Not just a partner, an extension of the team

From the beginning, the Avita team worked as an extension of Music City PrEP’s staff to help them grow their business. In March of 2021, Avita opened an onsite pharmacy that specifically serves Music City PrEP patients. The partnership helps ensure patients can get their prescriptions filled quickly and efficiently without leaving the facility, and also removes significant barriers to access and adherence. Music City PrEP plans on opening a second clinic in the Spring of 2022, which also will include an Avita pharmacy.

“With the explosive growth we’ve experienced at the Music City PrEP Clinic, it would have been tremendously more difficult to provide quality services and efficient monthly prescription fills to our patients without the guidance and support of Avita,” says Rob Birkhead, Music City PrEP’s Marketing Director and Office Manager. “Avita’s expertise shortened our learning curve and allowed us to build our organization’s infrastructure to keep pace with the tremendous demand for our services. This strategic effort further streamlined our prescription fill processes, making it possible for us to accommodate the additional 5,000 new patients who came to us in 2021—and more than doubling our patient roster in a single year.”

Like Music City PrEP, Avita is commited to changing the conversation around sexual health in the community to foster healthy sex esteem, self-respect, and loving sexual relationships.

Music City PrEP welcomes everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation. A large percentage of its patient population identifies as LGBTQ+, with staff members reflecting that diversity. Avita and Music City PrEP are aligned in providing all patients nonjudgmental, stigma-free, sex-positive healthcare.

“Like Music City PrEP, Avita is committed to changing the conversation around sexual health in the community to foster healthy sex esteem, self-respect, and loving sexual relationships,” says Michael Yount, Avita’s CEO. “Avita is a true strategic partner and fully aligns with Music City PrEP’s goal of providing compassionate, shame-free, high-quality healthcare in a welcoming and professional environment.” 

Compassionate clinical care & 340B expertise

In addition to personalized pharmacy services, Avita provides Music City PrEP with finance, marketing, account management, and 340B program support, and engages in educational activities for the organization’s patients and local community. Avita’s onsite pharmacy provides a convenient one-stop-shop for the holistic care and sexual health initiatives of all patients, regardless of their financial status. The close relationship between Music City PrEP and Avita ensures patients get the care and attention they need to stay adherent and achieve better outcomes. Unlike chain pharmacies, Avita has AAHIVP-certified pharmacy teams that specialize in HIV pharmacy care, including PrEP

“For more than two decades, Avita has been focused on providing compassionate pharmacy care to vastly underserved populations,” says Yount. “We help patients unlock healthier lives and our covered entity partners unlock the full potential of their businesses.” 


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