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Nursing Know-How: “I’m Always Learning from My Patients”

Clinician Lead Terry Hackworth’s passion for LGBTQ+ and HIV care brought him to AvitaCare Atlanta. “I strive to help patients achieve their best health.”
Terry Hackworth AvitaCare Atlanta

From the start of his career as a bedside nurse in a small community hospital to his current role as clinician lead at AvitaCare Atlanta medical center, nurse practitioner Terry Hackworth has been on the frontlines of compassionate care for more than three decades. But whether he’s caring for patients directly, supervising a team of clinicians, or mentoring the next generation of nurse practitioners, his core philosophy has remained steadfast: “I take care of my patients the way I would want someone to take care of me in the same situation,” Terry says.

It was during his role as a nurse at a busy primary care practice that offered LGBTQ+ and HIV care that Terry made a career-altering realization. “It was then that I knew I wanted to become a nurse practitioner and provide care to patients in the community I’m part of,” Terry says. “Identifying as a gay male gives me a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the needs of my patients. It can increase their comfort level and result in them more transparently sharing their health details.”

I take care of my patients the way I would want someone to take care of me in the same situation.

“I’m always learning from my patients.”

But while being a member of the LGBTQ+ community was a driving factor in Terry’s clinical focus, he’s committed to expanding his knowledge base every day. “Even though I’m a part of the LGBTQ+. community, I’m always learning from my patients,” Terry says. “I have a special passion for serving the transgender community, and I’ve learned so much about inclusivity, diversity, and compassionate care for these patients. This includes gaining a better understanding of their life issues, anxiety, depression, and lack of access to gender-affirming care.

“Many of my patients have encountered judgment not only by their family and friends, but also by the very people who care for them in their time of need: their healthcare providers,” Terry says. “Working one-on-one with patients and meeting them where they are builds trust. That these patients can be honest and upfront with the provider empowers them to receive the best care.”

Even though I’m a part of the LGBTQ+ community, I’m always learning from my patients.

Mentorship cultivates the next generation of providers

Mentorship has been crucial to Terry’s professional development, and he’s determined to help shape the next generation of health care providers. “As nurse practitioners, we’re always mentoring and learning from each other and other providers,” Terry says. “So many mentors have influenced my career that I can’t mention just one. They’ve helped develop me into the professional I am today.”

Currently serving as a preceptor to nursing students through the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Georgia State University, and Chamberlain University, Terry helps them meet their course objectives and personal goals. “It’s my job to pass on my experience so students have a solid knowledge base upon their entry into practice,” he says. And Terry’s guidance doesn’t always end when students receive their diplomas. “I often continue to mentor them once they’re in their own practices,” he explains.

Terry’s dedication to nursing means he’s also diligent about challenging himself professionally. He has received his AAHIVS certification from the American Academy of HIV Medicine, the nation’s leading independent organization of health care professionals dedicated to providing excellence in HIV care and prevention. Terry is studying to complete his Doctor of Nursing Practice through Augusta University and—to keep things interesting—has an MBA to boot.

As nurse practitioners, we’re always mentoring and learning from each other and other providers. So many mentors have influenced my career that I can't mention just one.

Serving the whole patient at AvitaCare Atlanta

All the above makes Terry the perfect fit for AvitaCare Atlanta, an HIV Center of Excellence that has been trusted for over 20 years to provide HIV, PrEP, HCV, gender-affirming, and sexual wellness care, as well as primary care, labs and testing, and onsite pharmacy services to the community. The entire care team at AvitaCare Atlanta prides itself on offering compassionate, comprehensive, and inclusive care that respects and serves the whole patient.

The bottom line? “It’s important always to remember we’re here to provide our patients both high-quality and compassionate care,” Terry says. “I strive to meet patients where they are and help them achieve their best health.”

Team member snapshot:

Name: Terry Hackworth, MBA, MSN, NP-C, AAHIVS

Title: Clinician Lead, AvitaCare Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, GA

Recommended resources for patients:

  • The Heartwise app, which allows patients to monitor and track their blood pressure.
  •, an online resource for patients living with HIV that can help them understand the disease and related treatment.
  • The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) websites, which offer a wealth of resources for transgender patients.

Pastimes/hobbies: Terry is chair of the Medical and Safety Committee for the Hotlanta Softball league and participates in a bowling league. He enjoys spending time with his family (including his son and granddaughter), friends, and four-legged child, Layla.

Patients and partners: We want to hear about your experiences with the Avita Care Solutions team! Drop us a line today!

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